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Курьерская служба Inter express

We hereby like to inform you about input of index for calculating shipping costs



Since february 12, 2018 the index - 2,6.

Reducing the non-taxable value of the goods!

From July 1, 2019, changes to reduce the non-taxable value

of goods in international mail to 100 euros come into force.

According to the Law of Ukraine «On the Submission of Shares

to the Sub-Code of Ukraine and Acts of the Legislative Acts

of Ukraine Subject to Administrative Regulation and the Consideration

of Rates of Taxes and Charges» No. 9260, there

will be a reduction in the minimum non-taxable cost of the product,

under new rules imported goods by individuals are exempt from taxes

if they cost below €100.Technology customs clearance of goods

imported by individuals will not change.



Dear customers and partners!

In connection with the holidays

on June 17 and 28,

International Express

will not work.



Dear Customers!

Please note that delays in delivery

are expected from June 4 to 7 in

Muslim countries during the

weekend due to Eid Al Fitr holiday.



Dear customers, please note that due

to the strike of the Lebanese customs

at Beirut airport, all types of customs

clearance for inbound deliveries are

currently suspended.

Delays in shipments from

Lebanon are also expected.



Dear clients

We, of International Express LLC  

We would like to express our respect and appreciation

for the selection of us as your partner for the transfer

of express mail in Ukraine and in international direction.

Our efforts are aimed at providing high quality services,

we are constantly investing in the modernization of the

material and technical base, in connection with which

we are constantly faced with an increase in the

cost of services for the transfer of express shipments.

Based on this, we will inform you of the following:

starting from June 1, 2019, there will be a change

in the value of tariffs on the territory of Ukraine.

New tariffs can be found at the link.



Delivery terms to Yemen!

Due to the fact that all shipments pass

compliance inspection in Dubai Hub

and and low frequency flights to the country,

delays in delivery are expected.



New direction!

We are glad to inform you that we have opened

a new direction Mongolia. In tariffs this is zone 6.



Dear colleagues and customers!

Aramex Company congratulates all Muslims with the advent of Ramadan.

The working hours of stations in below countries will be reduced:

∙ Egypt, Libya, Oman, Palestine, Sudan - to 15:00

∙ Bangladesh, Jordan, Morocco, Yemen, Saudi Arabia - to 15:30

∙ Bahrain, Kuwait, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates (except for the hub) - to 16

∙ Qatar, Syria - to 17.



Dear customers and partners

The company Aramex congratulates everyone

on the Catholic Easter and informs that

the following airports will not work on the

collection / reception of cargo:

1. our London Hub is closed on April 19 and 22

2. Paris and Prague - from 19 to 22 inclusive

3. airports of Toronto and Montreal -

    from 19 to 21 inclusive

4. airports of New York and Los Angeles -

    April 20 and 21

Delivery delays are expected.

We apologize for the inconvenience.



Dear customers and partners!

Please note that our Easter holidays start

04/27 and last till 05/1!

2 and 3 of May will be working days.

9 of May will be day off.

10 and 11 of May will be working days.



We inform

"International Express" LLC has become

a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry!

For export-oriented enterprises, we as partners will assist

in organizing export shipments, receiving import

and in passing customs procedures.

We combine Ukrainian business

with 225 countries of the world!




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