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You prepared for holiday abroad,

but you do not know where to go and the more so what with itself to take?

Here to you short review of resorts of the world and instruction of necessary things.

That it is necessary to know the abroad at departure.

According to article 2 of the Law of Ukraine "About an order of departure from Ukraine and entry into Ukraine of citizens of Ukraine" documents for crossing of frontier of Ukraine for citizens of Ukraine are:

  1. The passport of the citizen of Ukraine for trip abroad.
  2. Travel document of the child.
  3. Diplomatic passport.
  4. Service passport.
  5. Identity card of the seaman.

These documents are property of Ukraine and at corresponding their registrations are valid for departure to all countries of the world.



cyprusCyprus is an island with big heart which hospitably invites the guests and accepts them as the friends. Cyprus — the earth of beauty and contrasts. The tranquility, prematureness of villages contrasts with the bright cosmopolitan cities.

The climate of the island is considered the most moderate and healthy in the world therefore in Cyprus there are a lot of long-livers. 350 days in a year over the island shine the sun. The winter very short and soft, average temperature from +17 to +19 °C, and on highlands stem of thermometer falls in the winter by several degrees below zero and snow drops out.

The summer is hot, lasts from the middle of May to the middle of October. During this period temperature can rise to +35 °C in a shadow, but because of low humidity of heat is transferred easily. Average water temperature at the coast of Cyprus in July of +23 °C, in February (the coldest month) of +14 °C, the swimming season is open almost all the year round.


Many of us became before such problem. What to take with itself on rest?

The first and main that it is necessary to take with itself in a trip - documents and money. The most important - you keep this in travel closer to heart. It is better to have a small handbag or a backpack which you will always carry with yourself and to take in hand luggage at flights.


So, let's walk on points:

  • International passports and their copies. In general have copies of all documents on phone, the USB stick, in cloudy storage / a virtual disk or on e-mail - and it is better to be reinsured and choose several options at once. These copies can be necessary if originals are lost.
  • Listings and electronic versions of air tickets.
  • Listings and electronic options of an insurance. Do not forget the certificate on inoculations if it is required (for example, in a row the African countries will not be started up without original of the certificate about yellow fever inoculations).
  • The first-aid kit will help you to save time and health. From a headache, anesthetics, for diarrhea, from spasms, aspirin, a bactericidal plaster, hygienic lipstick. At chronic diseases take those medicine which to you was prescribed by the doctor.

Cash cards (it is better to have several cards and accounts of different banks). Layfkhak: you hold money on accounts, but not on cards, and by means of Internet bank you transfer money just before removal (better by means of VPN, we will tell slightly below about it). In this case, if to steal the card, it will be empty as all money will be stored on the account. It is a little cash. Hard cash always has to be near at hand - and in currency of that country where you are.



uaeThe United Arab Emirates collected in themselves improbable quantity of miracles! And that is important — all of them are man-made. Here where it is possible to admire really mind and abilities of the person, all some in places which excite now and is captured 40 years ago the improbable creations, there was a boundless desert and a usual fishing small village!

Let's begin with the fact that even from air the improbable view of artificial islands of the Persian Gulf about which creation legends go opens and the documentaries narrating about all stages of grandiose construction are shot. Look narrowly at these creations of hands human: Palma Dzhumeyra, Palma Dzhebel Ali, Palma Deyra, and also artificial archipelagoes "World" and "Universe" which consist of small islands – it you will not meet in one country of the world. You heard about records of the United Arab Emirates any time: there is the most modern subway, the shopping, best in the world, the highest skyscraper, the most magnificent hotel with own oceanarium for which opening spent more fireworks, than at the Olympic Games in Beijing. Here you will be constantly surprised and impressed.


Trip abroad of children of citizens of Ukraine

The resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine of 11.07.2007 No. 932 made changes to Rules of crossing of frontier by citizens of Ukraine.

Departure of children abroad

The constitution of Ukraine against June 28, 1996 (Art. 33) to any who on legal grounds is in the territory of Ukraine, guarantees a freedom of movement, the free choice of a residence, the right to freely leave the territory of Ukraine, except for restrictions which are set by the law.

By article 313 of the Civil Code of Ukraine it is defined that the natural person who did not reach sixteen years has the right for trip abroad of Ukraine only with the consent of parents (adoptive parents), trustees and in their maintenance or accompanied by persons who are authorized by them.



vietnamHaving appeared in Vietnam you will notice that it is the amazing country which is full of mountains, lakes, a grass of unusual saturated color, trees growing in pots, small lodges and crowd of people on streets. In Vietnam unusual color of the sky and especially big moon, here almost you will not meet high buildings and a velvet picture of the star sky.

Vietnam, first of all, this multinational state where each province and each people are characterized by the traditions, religious preferences and beliefs. Among them, the Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam and some other. At the same time Vietnamese, despite all difference in views, have the lines characterizing them as the uniform people, other than all others.




bulgariaIt is the unique country intriguing not only the natural richness, hot climate, a cool of the Black Sea, but also attracting cultural diversity. The Bulgarian people kept since the most ancient times to this day a set of traditions and customs which reflect identity of the Bulgarian culture. The territorial arrangement of Bulgaria on crossing of the main thoroughfares defined diversity of national cultural color.

Bulgaria is the country which is associated with bright flowers. Local women very much love colorful dresses and big hats, bright beach bags. Everywhere it is possible to see big beds with the most various plants which smell sweet and will captivate the beauty. A huge number of fresh fruit on counters add the paints too and always increase mood. Bulgaria is the country which is associated with interesting traditions, original culture and a strange story. And we want to tell about it to you today more.

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