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Курьерская служба Inter express

We hereby like to inform you about input of index for calculating shipping costs



Since february 12, 2018 the index - 2,6.


ClickToShip is successful today.

Company International Express

together with ARAMEX represents

software product with which

creating invoices and airwaybills got easier.

Just fill, save and track.

It`s fast, convenient, qualitatively

and has friendly interface.

Many of our customers have already felt

the advantages of the product.

For installation, you can contact for the

following numbers:

  067-223-42-63, 067-223-42-66

We are glad to provide best solutions

we have.




Additional payment methods!

We are glad to remind you that International Express

provides all possibilities for paying for shipments:

  • payment of customs duties instead of the recipient
  • payment by the recipient to any destination
  • payment by the third party
  • payment while exporting

We provide the best value.

Please call +380 44 223 5454 for detailed consultation.





Dear Customers and Partners!

Pay attention to the special conditions

of shipments to the following countries:

Iran, Cuba, DPRK - are not served

Yemen, Algeria, Palestine - only documents

Turkmenistan - only documents up to 5 kg

Tajikistan - only documents up to 2 kg

Uzbekistan - sending only from legal entities

Syria - only documents and passports




Dear customers and partners!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Boryspil Airport (KBP)

introduces a full embargo for the transportation of imported cargo and mail

for all types of aircraft: passenger and cargo,

from 23: 00UTC, 12.23.2018 - 23: 00UTC, 03.01.2019.





C/A 26002016532601 IN PJSC "ALPHA-BANK" KYIV CITY, MFO 300346




Aramex improves last-mile delivery time by over 40% with 3 word addresses

Aramex, the disruptive leader in the global logistics and transportation industry, has recently run a study in Dubai to measure the efficiency of deliveries to regular street addresses versus 3 word addresses provided by innovative addressing system what3words. The study found that, over 100 deliveries, using 3 word addresses was 42% faster and reduced the total distance travelled by delivery drivers by 22%. what3words is a global addressing system that has divided the world into 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique address made of 3 words. The 3 word address ///index.home.raft, for example, identifies the exact front entrance of the what3words office in London. 3 word addresses are accurate to 3m x 3m, giving every front door, mall entrance and delivery point its own unique address. ‘We’re committed to using innovative technologies to provide better customer service, improve efficiency of current deliveries and to drive growth in poorly addressed areas, which is why we’ve integrated what3words into Aramex core systems’, said Iyad Kamal, COO of Aramex. The study took place in two well-addressed areas of Dubai: Al Khawaneej and Al Muhaisnah. Two teams of Aramex drivers, with two drivers per team, each delivered 100 packages to the same 100 locations. One team used street addresses, the other used 3-word addresses along with route optimisation software to generate the most efficient route. The drivers who used street addresses spent 7 hours and 49 minutes on the road, drove a total distance of 255 km, and had to make 25 phone calls asking for directions. The drivers who used 3 word addresses drove for 4 hours and 28 minutes, covered a distance of 198 km, and made no phone calls to customers. Over 100 deliveries, the 3 word address drivers were 42% faster than the street address drivers. There was a 22% reduction in total distance travelled because what3words enables optimised route navigation. ‘The business benefits for Aramex and our clients are undeniable’, concluded Iyad Kamal. ‘This offers a much better retail and delivery experience for the retailer and ultimately the end customer.’ With e-commerce rapidly growing and customer expectations rising in a very competitive market, what3words can help businesses stay ahead of the competition. Online retailers can simply add a 3 word address field to their checkout pages with various plugins including Shopify, Magento, Opencart and Woocommerce. what3words provides retailers with simple, multilingual communication assets, imagery and films to ensure their customers understand how to easily discover and use their 3 word address. ‘what3words’ format is global, universal, and 3 word addresses are available in over 14 languages,’ said Chris Sheldrick, CEO and co-founder of what3words. ‘The system is being used to meet friends easily and to get takeaway food delivered faster. It’s used by music festival organisers, emergency responders and next year you will be able to use what3words for navigation in your Mercedes-Benz. Our partnership with Aramex means it can improve delivery times in all the cities it operates in, as well as deliver to a vast new market of customers who have never had an address before.’


Aramex expands its presence in Egypt by inaugurating a new headquarters in Alexandria

As part of plans to double investments in Egypt to meet our customers’ increasing demand for services

Samer Mansour: We are proud of the growing number of customers and our contributions towards the economic development in Egypt

Cairo, Egypt – October 1, 2017: As part of the ongoing efforts to expand its presence and inject new investments into the Egyptian market, Aramex, the disruptive leader in the global logistics and transportation industry, inaugurated today its new headquarters in Alexandria. This comes in line with the company’s strategy to double investments in Egypt and meet customers' increasing demand for innovative products and services.

The inauguration ceremony was held in the presence of Hussein Hachem, Chief Executive Officer of Aramex; Samer Gharaibeh, Chief Executive Officer of Aramex in Africa; and Samer Mansour, General Manager of Aramex in Egypt. The ceremony was also attended by a group of Aramex Egypt’s VIP customers, as well as professionals from the logistics and transportation industry.


Aramex Chooses BEUMER Group’s Sortation Systems for its New Express Courier Facility in Dubai

• High-speed Sortation of diverse range of parcels

• BEUMER BS 25 BT Sorter will enable throughput of 9,000 parcels per hour

• Optimized, gentle handling of parcels from 3 mm to 600 mm and up to 30 kg

BEUMER Group has been chosen to deliver the sorting system for the new Aramex Express Courier Facility in Dubai. The BEUMER BS 25 BT sorter that will be installed provides a throughput of 9,000 parcels per hour, which not only meets the current demands but is also designed to enable future growth of Aramex.


Dear customers and partners!
Due to emergency situation in North America because of powerful storms please expect delays in deliveries. We do apologize for all inconveniences, we do our best to minimize the impact of nature disaster on the quality of our services.


With kindest regards, «Inter Express» (Aramex) Team

Eid Mubarak

Dear colleagues and partners, best and warmest wishes on the upcoming blessed holiday Eid al-Adha! Please mind that during the festive period from 31 august till 7 september representative offices in Muslim countries will work in on-duty regime. Terms of delivery will be increased for the celebration period. Thank you for understanding. Eid Mubarak!

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